Work Placement Productions: Weirdogs

BRIEF: During the second semester students undertake a short 2 week work placement. This offers the students a chance to show use their learned skills in an industry setting.


The current Weirdog characters were male looking and therefore the female demographic was lost. My task was to develop 15-20 more Weirdogs with female qualities. I found the work placement very enjoyable, I treated it like I would any freelance graphic design project I’ve done in the past 5 years. The process of designing a character and the process of designing a wedding invitations (which is what I had done previously) there isn’t much between them. Sketching ideas is important with both and then taking those sketches and developing them further, either more detailed sketches or straight to screen. Getting feedback from the client is also important. Getting their thoughts, ideas and opinions of what I’ve pitched to them. Over the past 9 months of this course, I have really loved concept art.Designing ‘The Critters’ has given me the taste to continue designing more characters in my spare time. Working on Weirdogs has added to that. Hopefully the sketching and digital painting techniques I have learned from this will be used more and more in my future designs .


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