The Gallery Bar, Hendon – Student Flyers

The brief that I was given for designing the flyers for the Gallery Bar was that the main target audience was students. The gallery had just opened in Hendon, London and they wanted to tap into the student market since there were student campuses and accommodation located near the area.

flyers-mock-upsAt the time I was a student in Letterkenny Institute of Technology, so for research I looked at the marketing materials the local nightclubs in Letterkenny were using to draw in students. Brightly coloured backgrounds with geometric patterns was proving very popular among students, but some of the nightclubs in Letterkenny were using illegible fonts. They did prove to be eye catching but not being able to read the font had its drawbacks. When designing my own flyers for the Gallery I wanted the font to look good but also read well, and I think in the end I achieved that. Working for the Gallery was a great experience, I communicated through email since I was based in Donegal at the time but this was another skill I learned, being able to present my design and defend my work to the manager without meeting face to face.

Gallery Flyer Mockup


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