Personal Promotion

Brief: Present your work and yourself creatively and professionally to prospective employers or clients


I wanted a logo/brand that presented myself as the designer I am now. I took elements from my name and elements of my personality. Since my name is ‘Gemma’ I wanted to play on a nickname I’d been given in my childhood, which was ‘Gem’. This allowed me to toy with the idea of making a logo with a gem but adding something to it, which was just simply turning it upside down. The colours came from my own personality, I took inspiration from my macbook which is grey with a purple protective cover. The logo set the base for my website design. I wanted something clean, simple and contemporary. I wanted to welcome people to my site with a statement giving them an insight into who I am as a designer. Having the final word of the statement change to various other things tells people than I’m not just passionate about design. My work was the main focus of the site. Having it in the center of the homepage with the purple from my logo gave it hierarchy. The CV was inspired by my exhibition space, using the same lines leading the audience from the logo to various parts of the CV.


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