ISTD Student Assessment 2015 – The 27 Club

Brief: Milestones: Choose a person or subject, that has existed for a significant number of years and produce a body of work that gives the user greater insight into your area of research and how the related milestones have played a role in the current existence of the subject matter, whether good or bad.


This book is based on the infamous “27 Club”, which is seen as rock and roll’s biggest curse within the industry. The number of rock icons who have died at the age 27 and the circumstances of many of those deaths have planted a seed in many people’s minds that premature deaths at this age are unusually common. My approach with this design was to make it a clean and contemporary style, because from my research I found there is already a book written about the 27 club but the design reflects stereotypical rock and roll design. I avoided any design clinches with the decades I had spoken about and made the expressive type and colour reflect the person I was speaking about.

Expressive Type
Body Copy
Drop Capital & Booklet
Cut detail of front cover

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