Earagail Arts Festival – Flyers

I volunteered for the Earagail Arts festival the same night as my 3rd year end of year exhibition. This allowed Orla, the head of the design for the festival, to view my work from that college year that night since the sign-ups were in the same building as the exhibition.

Flyer Poster Mockup-eaf

I was given freedom with the design and layout of the posters and flyers for both ‘The Donegal Folk and Roots Festival’ and ‘Banyan’, since the festival has many volunteer graphic designers with their company.  The Donegal Folk and Roots Festival wanted Mt. Earagail to be present in the background of the posters but not to overshadow the imagery of the performers of the festival. The colours were influenced by two of the colours used in the Earagail Arts Festival logo.

Flyer Poster Mockup-eaf2

Banyan is a touring theatre company and was formed in 1993 by partners Joy Haynes and Karen Torley. They specialise in producing quality theatre for first audiences, using a dynamic blend of storytelling, puppetry and original music. Their main target is young children so I used this information and based my design on it. I used jigsaw pieces and bright colours to make it stand out from the other acts aimed at children that were performing at the festival.

Flyer Poster Mockup-eaf3

The only restriction I had with both designs was I had to use a font that was designed especially for the festival.


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