Concept Art: Rigid Body

BRIEF: Create a complete concept document covering one of the following subject areas:

• Future Weaponry
• Steampunk Styled Object
• Cartoon Styled Vehicle

The final output should include development work, orthographic drawings for use as 3d modelling reference, texture reference sheets and 2 fully rendered beauty shots of the final design.


The theme I had chosen for this project was ‘Steampunk Styled Object’. The decision to go with this theme influenced by seeing the music video for Panic! At the Disco’s The Ballad of Mona Lisa which steampunk style video. Steampunk a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology but I wanted to mix that style with current technology. After much research I had decided on designing a casing for a Raspberry Pi, a small compact PC in the palm of your hand. The design was a mix of typical steampunk elements gears, chains and pipes and I wanted to use wood as the main body of the case. For the outside it looks like an ornate box until the small screen in the centre lights up showing that is connected to wifi. I found getting the orthographic drawings correct quite difficult since I haven’t done them since 1st year of secondary school. But in the end I quickly modelling everything in MAYA and used the renders as a basis to get perspective right.




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