Concept Art – Monster Mash

BRIEF: Design a series of no less than 3 monster designs for a children’s animation or game. Take into mind you need to design also the history of the character, the personality and even the world in which it lives. You can choose any style you like either realistic, stylised, hyper-real or even complete cartoon if choosing the children’s project.


For this project I chose the ‘The Monster Mash’ brief and within that brief I chose to design 3 cartoon based monsters. I wanted the monster to be cute but also have a dark backstory. The target age group for this project was tweens the late teens, since the cute design of the characters would appeal to the younger audience but the backstory would appeal to the older audience. I really enjoy the freedom of this concept art brief it let my imagination roam free and I realised that my imagination had a dark underbelly. The story behind the Hoodchie was that they hunt and kill their prey and use the skin of the animal to make themselves armour and them would do this by sewing parts of the skin together to fit their body. The Bullibuns are the protectors of the animals and they will do anything to protect the animals from the Hoodchies. This backstory was fleshed out more with the major project , but the basis was designed for this project.Model-Turnaround

Character model sheet, Super sculpey model and Reference sheet
Sales Shot –  Hoodchie Chief
Sales Shot –  Bullinbun Chief
Sales Shot – Unicorn Hoodchie

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