This was a personal project I had done in my free time. I wanted to design some Game of Thrones posters to add to my workspace at home since any poster I had seen online and in stores weren’t what I was looking for. The two quotes are my favourites used in the books and TV show, so I wanted them more typography based. For each quote I took what was being described in the scene and used that as background imagery.

poster-mockup_GOT1-1For instance with ‘A Crown for a King’, in the scene where Kahl Drogo pours a pot of molten gold over Viserys Targaryen’s head, which kills him instantly, this imagery lead to me coming up with the melting skull and the golden colour coming through in the background.poster-mockup_GOT2-1The font is the official Games of Thrones font. I had tried other font combinations but nothing seemed to look right when paired with the backgrounds.



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