Light at the end of the tunnel

The end is near … I would like to say I’m at 98% finished just some final touches. I’ve got the models modelled and painted, and they are in the augment app and I’ve also put them up on sketchfad. Sketchfad has been great for testing the textures and seeing if they will work in AR. ( As an added touch since I have a educational licence with Augment I can add a custom logo to all my models, so to keep the branding consistent I’ve added ‘The Critters’ logo.




Unfortunately I couldn’t get the Winged Bullibun modelled, since I ran out of time and I needed to put the time in elsewhere.


The cards are done and have been for sometime 🙂 and I’ve also printed them at home. Also they work with the 4 models.


The book after putting it off for sooooo long, its done. All written and proof read. Next job is getting it printed and bound. I’ve sent it to the printers this afternoon, and it should be done on Friday and then hopefully Saturday or Sunday (depending on how hungover I am after pints on Friday night to celebrate) I’ll get binding. I’ve done this process 3 times before I am very fimliar with the process, and now I have time before the exhibition to get that done.

I think whats left to do is possibly do a rotation video of the models or maybe a video of them working in AR.


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