Start of the last stretch

The model is finally getting where it needs to be. The base for the bullibuns that aren’t a big build or a taller build is done and unwrapped.


For the bullibuns with hair I’ve made a base model and unwrapped it also which I’m quite happy about and I think it turned out well.


The first bullibun model that is finished and ready for mudbox is the ghost bullibun. I’m planning the keep the textures simple of these and having the matte colours will look good and keep the cartoon feel to them. Any bullibun that has any markings I’m planning on scuplting them in lightly so that they looked embossed and not just drawn on.


Now that the hard part is (hopefully) over I can get into the more creative and fun part. Texturing. I feel more free in Mudbox using the graphic tablet to add detail. I’m giving myself one full day to get everything done, finish the other models, paint in Mudbox and then back to Maya to get ready for AR.

The cards are done and ready for production, to save costs and hopefully time I’m planning on printing them at home myself.


The book is all layed out and the last thing to do is the writing which is slowly coming alot, I’m annoyed at myself that I left writing to the last minute to do but the dyslexic in me just kept putting it off.





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