Post Easter Update

Texturing Tests

With the model unwrapped thought I’d see how well the UV maps were. I took the PNG file and did some tests in photoshop.


They seem to have worked out well, I can’t see any glaring problems right now.


After testing in photoshop I took the model into mudbox and added some of the other details. Haven’t textured it yet or sculpted anything but I’m happy with the results of the test after spending what I thought was too long modelling in Maya.

Top Trump Cards

Decided to start working on the backs of the cards. I decided to keep them simple and let the front of the cards be the main attraction. I’m not 100% settled on this design but I do like the background of circles with a drop shadow, give the cards a texture that isn’t really there.

The Lore of the Critters

The book unfortunately isn’t progressing as much as the cards and model at this point. But as the cards are getting closer and closer to being finished then I can shift more focus to that.


Even though there hasn’t been much progress on it in the last few weeks I’m still happy with this style and layout compared to what I created for Milestone 1 back at the start of March.

End of semester is in 2 weeks and after that I can devote more time during the day to this project instead of splitting my time between my evening photography class. And also with work experience done and dusted I should have more energy in the evenings, look like there’s alot of 3/4 am bedtimes for me ahead.


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