Go Time

Go time, easter holidays are here and there’s very little class time left, so I’ve gotta get moving.



The Bullibun model.

I’m finding this part of the project difficult, getting the topology on the body around the legs right is proving difficult. I’m trying two approaches, one (pictured above) taking the base I have at the moment from MAYA and taking it into Mudbox and adding the geometry using the wax sculpt tool and the curve tool to get the flow between the legs and the body correct. Approach two (pictured below) which is removing the legs and extruding the them from the body but making the geometry flow better. I’m not sure on which approach to use but I’m going to take the next few days and experiment with both and see where that goes.



The Trading / Top Trump Cards.


They are almost almost there, all that is left to do is the backgrounds. The stats of the cards are working well they are readable when printed at actual size. Since this is the graphic design part of the project of course it’s what I’ve spent the most time working on.

All The Critters together. 


All the characters have been designed and digital painted. All seeing them all together is great. For the first time I can see if the colours are working together and I’m happy that they are.



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