Let’s get moving

After making the pitch last week, it was time to get down to work.

Alot of pre production to get done. 20 or so characters to design and each one needs to have something about them. Something that breaks the silhouette, so far I have a cat, a dog and a bat. But I decided to move away from animals and move to something a little more cartoon based and the first thing I thought of was Pokemon. So I’m starting to experiment with them and the first attempt was Charizard.


I’m still getting used to digital painting, but already I’m kind of addicted to it :D. Getting the hang of shadow and light but already the characters look alot better and have a bit more of 3D feel to them.


Notice board is up and ready to be used. As of now it’s being used as a day to day list of things I need to get done. The thing I’m kind of putting off is writing the back story for the characters and creating the world they live in. Being dyslexic is holding me back but my boyfriend has a honours degree in English and he has offered to help me write it but he has college work himself so finding time to sit down together will be tough.




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